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History of the site

While people with the economic crisis were becoming increasingly expensive and less and less accessible, gamers began to look for a new way to get their games for free and legally and we built and posted this site in order to Respond to their requests !

The site quickly built on a principle of sponsored payment. Indeed our sponsors offer us the possibility to fund these PSN codes in order to redistribute them to the visitors of our site but in exchange it is necessary that these visitors complete a kind of survey to obtain this code. So our sponsors get useful information for their work, so we can offer you a free PSN code.

First of all you have to click on the button "I want a PSN code", a window opens and leaves you the choice to choose one of two cards that will define the value of your psn code, that is is $20 Or $50. Click on the map of your choice then click on «Then I wait for me! ". Another window opens, it shows you some of the psn code that will be offered to you.

To display the last part of the code you must complete an offer from our sponsors. You can also enter your email address to receive the code by email in case of problem of display after the completion of an offer.

The offers are chargeable, but if you send STOP by sms to the offer number after completion, you are refunded and do not pay anything! Why did we offer these offers? It's simple, not only are they necessary because of the partnership with our sponsors. But also because they allow to offer only a psn code by validation of a mobile number which limits the distribution.

If you have more than one laptop, you can get the number corresponding to the number of different mobile numbers you own! So do not hesitate.

The psn codes are valid only on the official website SEN.

I hope you like my site! We wish you a good visit on our website !